Death of The Internet

Death of The Internet is a three-act play, a fiction and non-fiction that explores the human drama surrounding the Internet.
   1        The play ‘Over Logging’ takes place on the offline screen stage where the town has lost the internet. Performers wear a mash-up emoji mask. As the panic grows, the vulnerability is kept behind the masks.
   2        The journey to find the lost internet. A looped screensaver video starts from the reality scene into the glitched digital world. The record of the journey is stored in the abandoned digital format, a floppy disk, representing the past failures to connect.
   3        At the end of the journey is the portal which represents the new internet, a new connection. However it is a portal that cannot be entered. This is a representation of the longing and desire of individuals to connect. Where are we going? What are we looking for? Will we ever get there? This endless cycle for seeking resolution begins again.